Geralynne Keech RMT


To me the human body is a wondrous creation that deserves the highest respect at all times and in all forms. My aim is to provide people with a comprehensive therapeutic treatment by approaching the body as a whole and in a manner that reflects the highest integrity fitting a Healthcare Professional. I have intentionally created a serene, non-clinical environment within my home to allow for the full relaxation of the individual on the journey of health.

I understand the human body to be a web of interconnected tissues such as muscle, fascia, nerve and blood vessels. When one area of the body is experiencing tension or restriction then the entire body as a whole is affected. My aim in treating the body is to release these areas to restore balance to the body. Through the use of palpation, or how the tissue of the body feels, and postural observation, or how the body holds itself up against gravity, I determine the areas requiring attention and then integrate all my training and knowledge in each treatment to restore balance to the particular body, each visit.

Working with and in the healthcare field for over 18 years I bring a unique set of skills and experiences to my practice. I have both a familiarity and level of comfort with various states of illness as well as approaches to health care.  My background in Yoga Therapy also allows me to further understand and aid my clients in their quest for health and wellness.


College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (Regulatory Body)

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