What to Expect

The first step is to provide a thorough health history to your RMT so that the best possible treatment can be given. All health information given is completely confidential, like all other medical records, and can only be released with written consent or when required by law. 

The next step is assessment which involves the observation of the whole body while in a normal standing position and/or examination of the movement of specific parts of the body such as a joint or a limb. Next the treatment itself will be explained; what areas will be worked on, how you will be positioned, and how the treatment will help. With your agreement the manual aspect of treatment can then begin.

The Therapist will leave the room to wash their hands while you get on the treatment table, either undressing or remaining partially or fully clothed depending on your comfort level as previously discussed with the Therapist.  Please be sure to cover up with the sheet provided. Only the areas of the body being treated will be uncovered at any time during the treatment. The Therapist will then re-enter the room with your permission, and help with your comfort level on the table.

The massage itself may create feelings of warmth like that of a mild sunburn, or various other slightly uncomfortable sensations in the areas being worked. However it should always be within your comfort level. Pain is a message from the body, though helpful in locating areas requiring treatment; it is not the sign of a better treatment. The phrase “no pain, no gain” has no place in Therapeutic Massage.

Please share any feedback that you feel is important during treatment. The individual’s response to treatment is as varied as those who receive it. Remember that this is your treatment, and that you have the right to ask for it to stop or be altered at any point. Your comfort, safety and well-being are priority number one.

Once the manual aspect of the treatment is over the Therapist will again leave the room to wash their hands and allow you to dress in private. The Therapist will then re-enter the room with your permission and ask how you are feeling and re-assess your posture. Further treatment for a specific area may be recommended or an ongoing maintenance plan suggested. Re-booking and settling the bill then occur.


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